Original Gath Surf Hat with expandible NEOPRENE HEADBAND (320-345 gms)

Nothing will ruin your holidays as quickly as accidental head injury, (even minor cuts requiring stitches), especially when travelling to remote areas. The Gath helmet is an inexpensive form of insurance that may minimise the risk of injury and help ensure a good time.

Treatment for head injury can be painful, costly and complicated. Wearing adequate head protection may help reduce the risk of serious injury and could possibly save your life.

Many users of Gath say wearing head protection provides extra confidence to really go for it.

Please note : Gath Headgear offers some protection against impact injury and may build confidence… however, it is no substitute for common sense and may not afford protection from serious injury or death. Gath Headgear is not recommended for use on roads or highways or for use as a crash helmet.

Gath's unique audio system opens to improve hearing and ventilation or closes to shut out cold wind chill to help avoid ear ache and long term ear problems.

After a few sessions, Gath performs so well you forget you're wearing anything on your head.
Like most equipment, it takes a little getting used to. At first the sensation of having your head enclosed is strange but quickly you feel comfortable in Gath. Use your Gath a few times before making any judgements about it, especially in water sports - and soon you will feel naked without it. Certainly the high usage of Gath by many pros and freestyle extremists is proof that Gath makes sense and is ideal for many sports.

Gath's lycra rash sleeve prevents neck rash for maximum comfort during long sessions.

Gath's lightweight streamlined design and soft foam cushion provide total comfort and freedom of movement.

Gath's patented design provides an ultra snug stable fit.

Anyone who is knocked unconscious in the water runs a very real risk of drowning. Gath covers the temple area and ears to help reduce this risk.

The Gath Fixed visor offers extra face and eye protection against direct overhead sunlight to help avoid sore eyes and sunburnt face.

The Gath visor provides more than 98% UV protection to the face and head and helps prevent deadly skin cancers forming.