Gath Kitesurf Surf Convertible Safety Helmet
Gath Surf Convertible, designed for the surf, is the lightest helmet available world wide.

Its unique fitting system provides an incredibly snug comfortable suction cap fit idea for punching through waves.

Gath ear protectors are easily removed to expose the ears - ideal for hot weather - or easily attached, becoming an extention of the helmet shell for added impact protection and extra warmth in cold conditions.

Adjustable audio vents allow further flexibility to shut out the cold wind or open to improve hearing.

Get ahead - get a Gath Convertible:

The brand you know and trust for the best head protection for surfing sports now delivers the ultimate helmet combinations for all water activities on the edge.

Cool, space age styling, with quality and performance second to none.

Gath backs up its Australian Design Award winning surfing helmet with two new models designed for the realistic requirements of professionals and sports enthusiasts.

With amazing innovation in versatility and style, comfort and protection from the more regular injury mechanisms, shelter from the elements, Gath continues to lead the way with ALL the design criteria that are essential for safe and practical water use.

Full Convertible:
The latest hydro dynamic Gath Convertibles adapt easily to give a choice of performance benefits?.

Mini Skull Cap: Slip off ear pockets, allows maximum hearing, balance, cooling, freedom of movement.

Full Head Cover: Slip on ear pockets (55 gram set), provide maximum coverage, stability, ear protection, warmth & adjustable audio vents.

Detachable Shatter Proof Visors: UV eye protection (Rated UPF 50+ Excellent Protection Category), glare reduction, increased facial impact protection, eye object penetration resistance.

Unbeatable Comfort:

With or without ear pockets Gath lightweight Convertibles deliver a good level of protection and the comfort to forget you're wearing a helmet.

Safety and Performance:
Gath is unequalled in and on the water for design balance between safety & performance with high quality head protection from sun, wind, water and impact injury.

Ultra Lightweight Kitesurf Helmet.

Versatility to adapt for all requirements & conditions
Low drag, good water immersion & neutral buoyancy, which minimise the risk of neck and spine injury for water impact
Sleek new shell profiles shaped for freedom of movement and maximum peripheral vision
Moulded non-absorbent closed-cell soft foam liners contoured for comfort and rapid water drainage
Quick drying, even after extensive use in the water.
Non corrosive components and adhesives for long lasting durability in the harshest marine conditions.
Easy adjustable straps around the chin.
CE Approved.

Small: 54-55cm
Medium: 56-57.5cm
Large: 58-59cm
Extra Large: 59.5-61cm

Excellent for all kitesurfing activities.

Each Gath Surf Convertible helmet comes with ear protectors and spare comfort strips.

Colours may vary - specific High Visibility colours are available on request.