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We promise to beat all quotes, please email or call us directly and we will do our best to quote you happy!

Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP

We sell a full range of Stand Up Padlleboards from Circle One, Starboard, Jimmy Lewis, Bic. SUP carry trolleys & Straps, SUP Paddles, SUP traction Decks.

Kiteboarding Lessons

Want to learn to kiteboard and need Instruction? We can help you!
We teach all year round depending upon more favourable weather conditions in winter. We teach kiteboarding at Hunstanton, Sea Palling, Great Yarmouth our home town Lowestoft and Walberswick. We change location depending upon wind direction and condtions. Always searching out the best spot on the day.
Please email directly for more information. And to speak with our senior instructor "Sarge" call him directly on 07951 169871
We supply all equipment including kites, harnesses and all safety equipment. The exception are you will need your own wetsuit, boots and gloves. However we can sell these to you at discounted prices for our students or you can rent some wetsuits off us.

Second Hand

Check in here for second hand bargains! We have a core crew of customers who upgrade their equipment regularly and have bargains to offer! We also sell some as - new/ used once/ demo equipment here at second hand prices! Bargains to be had - just take a look!

Stand Up Paddleboarders Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for all occasions! Perfect for birthdays, christmas, anniversaries or a special treat!

Sarges' Specials Close out Deals

Check back here regularly for our special offers! We have bargain kites, boards and equipment come into our shop frequently and pass these deals on to our customers! Always worth checking this section out - you never know what you will find!

Wetsuits / Drysuits

We sell a full range of wet suits/ dry suits for use in the water. Some of our most popular suits are by Gul, Ocean Rodeo and Neil Pryde.

Kiteboard Leashes

Don't want to lose your board? Then use a leash. Oceanus Reel leashes.

Kiteboard Kite Knife Line Cutters

We stock a wide range of Kite Knives.

Kiteboarding Gift Ideas

Looking for a Kiting present for your friend or loved one! This is the section to browse! Don't forget you can always purchase a Gift Voucher if you think they would rather choose specialist equipment themselves!

Kiteboard Bags

We stock a wide range of Kiteboard Bags. Protect your ride!

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